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This workshop will showcase everything you need to know to make your first "Blue Butterflies" journal.

"The Blue Butterflies junk journal tutorial” include:

-38 pages ""The Artful Chaos of Reimagining memories: A Guide to Beautiful Junk Journals” ebook to download and print

-three complimentary digital paper pack to start making your journal: "Vintage Journal Pages" (This kit includes 14 pages, a mix of coffee stained, tea stained, sun aged, ruled and square papers), "Blue Butterflies" (This kit includes 22 pages, a mix of backgrounds, pockets, ephemera, gift boxes and embellishments), "Shades of Blue Backrgounds" (This kit includes 7 pages, a mix of geometric and floral blue backgrounds).

-a video of 40 minutes, showcasing step by step everything you need to make your journal today, from start to finish. To watch the video you need to have an email registered with a Youtube account.

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