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This ebook will showcase everything you need to know about the magical world of journalling.

"The Artful Chaos of Reimagining memories: A Guide to Beautiful Junk Journals” include:

-38 pages ebook to download and print

-two complimentary digital paper pack to start making your journal: "Vintage Journal Pages" (This kit includes 14 pages, a mix of coffee stained, tea stained, sun aged, ruled and square papers), and "Lovely Labels" (This kit includes 16 pages, a mix of different colours, sizes and styles labels).

-a video of 1 hour and 10 minutes, showcasing everything you need to have to start making journals today. To watch the video you need to have an email registered with a Youtube account.

Here is the ebook table of content:

-What is a Junk Journal

-The origin of Junk Journalling

-9 purposes of Junk Journals

-The art of Therapeutic Journalling

-How to start Therapeutic Journalling

-30 types of Junk Journals

-Craft supplies you need to make a junk journal

-20 varieties of useful papers

-Types of adhesives used in junk journalling

-How to make a junk journal

-The most used binding techniques

-36 types of ephemera used in Junk Journals

-Key characteristics of Junk Journals

-30 types of Junk Journals embellishments

-28 popular fabrics and textures used in Junk Journals

-Fun Printing Techniques

-23 popular types of journalling

-Why Memory Keeping is booming in the craft industry

-20 Benefits of Memory Keeping

-31 prompts to create your favourite Junk Journal

-What you need to do next: essential tips and tricks

-My final gift to you

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